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Depending on your particular business and your preferences your site may include various components like drop-down menus, enquiry and contact forms, Auto-Responders, Animations, Video and/or Social Media integration and thereof.

But no worries, we will sit down with you first to explain all these features and to determine which ones are suitable for your particular project. After all, every business is different and so is every website.

Our aim is to build an intuitive website that has a logical page structure, logical hierarchy and great usability i.e. people visiting your site will easily know where they are, where to go next and how to get back. Did you know that there are essentially three types of websites?
Which Website Suits You?

Standard “static” or “brochure” websites that are made up of content that does not need to change very regularly. Like their name suggests, these websites act like an online brochure for your business where prospective clients can go and inform themselves about your products and services.

Content managed websites that may have certain areas that need to be updated or added to on a weekly or monthly basis such as information about upcoming events or news about the business or industry. These sites will require a password-protected area where you can make the changes yourself.

Alternatively you can start with a static site and have our web team take over maintenance of your website for you. Just drop us a short email or give us a call and let us know of the required changes and we will implement those. This is often a more economical solution than the cost of having the content system built in the first place. And after all we are experts when it comes to websites and therefore will be able to turn around changes much faster than you could do them on your own.

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